Gareth Sutcliffe completed this Resource project as part of his extended essay for the IB Diploma at Garden International School. Thailand. .

Have Different Human Activities Affected the Reef Cover on the Hin Chalaam reef off Satahip, Thailand.

IB Extended Essay by Gareth Sutcliffe (PDF file 2.6 MB).

From Taiwan

The Whaler – This is a dive report of local Taiwan diving prepared by the members of the “Taiwan High Speed Whales” about dive trips in Taiwan

The Whaler Edition 1

The Whaler Edition 2

The Whaler Edition 3

Taiwan Diving Information

When we came here we were unable to find simple diving, accommodation and travel options. This is being posted so you can benefit from our experiences. Please feel free to expand the local knowledge and then pass it on to new divers here in Taiwan. Enjoy


From Darwin


Work in progress  – more to some soon

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