Diving in Palau

What a life- with the fish at the deep blue drop offDiving in The Republic of Palau or as the arrival document states ‘The end of the Rainbow’ is as lovely as all the dive magazines and internet sites state.

It’s remote location and limited travel options through Manila make it a little out of the way, but it is well worth the trip especially if you take the opportunity to move onto Truk (Chuuk) for the world renowned WW2 wrecks and Yap for the manta rays.

Great visibility and a huge range of dive options throughout the 300 island archipelago ensures  all divers interests are covered whether it is wreck, drift, drop off or night diving.  Well organized and environmentally aware dive companies are keen to cater for divers of today as well preserve the reefs and diving environment for future divers. There is plenty to keep you busy on non-diving days or if accompanied with a non-diver.

There are numerous WW2 memorabilia to look at and hiking trails, waterfalls and endless beautiful beaches to explore. For more water based activities there is kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, fishing

In the Blue HoleThere is a range of accommodation options / prices etc. We stayed at The Carolinas, a small bungalow style resort with a magnificent view of the surrounding islands. Relaxed breakfasts on the balcony were wonderful, however, not conducive to early dives ensuring good viewing of feeding stations with sharks and rays. Our next trip to Palau will definitely include 2 early starts even if it means opting for a different dive company for those particular days or a live aboard option.

All in all, a wonderful diving trip and by the way- you really do see the end of a rainbow…..not a pot of gold but beautiful Palau!

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